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Welcome to Lake tahoe snowmobile tours


2Hr Group Summit Tour

2-hour Tour

This tour is great for all ability levels, from beginners to experienced riders. Snowmobile with us and discover the thrills of the backcountry!

$230 Single | $260 Double


2Hr Private Summit Tour

2-hour Tour | Private

A private tour is ideal for riders who want to break away from the crowds. Perfect for groups that prefer exclusivity on the trail.

$290 Single  |  $330 Double


  3Hr Private Peaks Tour

3-hour Tour | Private

The Private Peaks Tour is a 3-hour tour for those who have some experience or just want to explore more of the beautiful Tahoe backcountry.

$410 Single | $470 Double


4Hr Private  Ultimate Tour

4-hour Tour | Private 

The Ultimate Tour gets you the furthest into the backcountry, gives our guides the chance to show off the most scenery and teach you to ride at your best level.

$530 Single | $590 Double


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lake tahoe snowmobile tours

Welcome to Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours! We have been expertly guiding tours as North Lake Tahoe's premier snowmobiling operation since 1984. Our mountain tours are designed for all ages and ability levels from newbie to expert. We travel on groomed and powder trails through our pristine National Forest that offers incredible views of all of Lake Tahoe.

Our tours provide a thrilling snowmobiling adventure amidst the breathtaking beauty of the mountains. Get surrounded by tall Pines and Aspen Groves, carve through powder-filled meadows, around frozen lakes, and along lake view ridges to summits overlooking Lake Tahoe. From an elevation of 9000 feet, spectacular unobstructed views of the lake and surrounding ski resorts provide the best backdrop for your snowmobiling adventure. Scheduled stops allow time to enjoy the dramatic scenery from the crest of the High Sierra while also capturing your own photos of Tahoe's splendor. You will love our excellent staff of guides who are professional, friendly, and know the trails in the area better than they know the roadways.

Discover the awe-inspiring landscape and enjoy the freedom of a backcountry adventure in the rugged Tahoe wilderness with Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours. We are certain this will provide an exhilarating experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

Sammy L.

San Jose, CA

What an amazing experience! Such a fun tour, the guides are caring and so friendly. They are experienced and want to provide you with the best time on a snowmobile. Beginner or advance I think it's worth taking a tour the views are amazing especially with a clear day. We got lucky and the weather was perfect. My five-year-old had so much fun!

They are really organized and stop a few times for pictures. They take great group photos for you. I didn't know they were taking some shots of us riding and I thought that was too funny. Definitely check them out, we registered online and it was easy peasy!

Sahra K.

Oakland, CA

We had such a great time! Both Donovan and Brittany were great guides, took us to see some phenomenal views, and always volunteered to take a photo for each group 🙂 They also shared that each "route" is at the discretion of the guide, so you can go multiple times and see new things every time! I am seriously already planning to go back soon.

Definitely recommend! This was all of our 1st-time and it was the perfect amount of adrenaline rush, while also feeling safe and comfortable.

COVID precautions were in place; not at 100%, but better than a lot of other places I've been. *Most* folks were wearing masks (I wish this was all), everything was outdoors, and you are in control of maintaining your distance from others to your comfort level.

Vishal D.

San Diego, CA

What an amazing experience to be able to snowmobile through the forests at Lake Tahoe! The whole process was seamless from the check in to the activity! We were hesitant before the activity regarding the COVID precautions, but we were happy to see that the helmets, etc were getting sanitized and the process of picking up cleaned goggles and helmets were even organized by size. The guides we had were friendly and accommodating. Our group had three adults and a kid, and they allowed us to take it at our own speed and followed up with us.

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